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My pet or child has gotten into the Kathite Chimney Cleaner, what should I do?


Answer:  Kathite IS NOT A POSIONOUS PRODUCT.  Kathite contains a small amount of SOAP and natural organic products that work together to clean creosote from your chimney.  If ingested drink water, if product gets in the eyes, flush with water.


My stove has a catalytic convertor, can I use your product?


Answer: Kathite Chimney Cleaner is safe to use in all wood and pellet stoves, but with that being said, some catalytic stove manufactures are concerned about the use of products such as ours. Our product works by making the soot and creosote heavy and it tends to fall back down the chimney.  This could cause it to fall into the catalytic mechanism of your fireplace.  It could become clogged and not be as efficient.  Some catalytic stove manufactures void warranties with use of a product like ours. Please check your warranty information before use. 


Meanwhile, other catalytic stove users have no problems at all and happily use our product.    


If you chose to use our product I would use two capfuls on low coals every 4 or 5 burns as your stove is more efficient.  





How often should I use Kathite Chimney Cleaner?


Answer: If you have had your chimney inspecte or cleaned you can use every Kathite every other fire.  If you have not had any work done on your chimney, use every Kathite until you get your chimney cleaned/cleared.  Once this has been completed and you are sure your chimney is not blocked, continue using Kathite every other fire.

 (Note: It is important that you have your chimney cleared as soon as possible and work with extreme caution when cleaning or repairing a chimney)


Why can’t I put Kathite Chimney Cleaner on my fire when it is first started?

Answer:  Kathite is a powder application.  If you were to introduce it to a fire when the fire is fresh, the wind of the fire would carry Kathite right up the flue and out of your fireplace.  A low coal based fire will allow Kathite to slowly seep into the creosote and help clean your chimney.


Can I use Kathite Chimney Cleaner in my pellet stove?


Answer: Certainly, just put one capful of Kathite Chimney Cleaner in a wad of paper and add it to your pellets. Kathite will be drawn up into the stove with your pellets and burn as needed.


Will Kathite Chimney Cleaner harm my vegetables if I put my fireplace ashes on my garden?

Answer:  Kathite is a pure and natural substance; it will not harm you or the environment.  Feel free to continue putting your fireplace ashes on your garden.


 If I use Kathite Chimney Cleaner do I have to clean my chimney?

Answer:  Yes.  Although we are certain that Kathite will clean your chimney, you should never assume that all is fine.  It is common for animals to nest in chimneys or leaves or debris to be lodged in chimney, as a safety precaution, have your chimney checked, or cleaned at least yearly.



I burn constantly, when is the best time to add Kathite Chimney Cleaner?


Answer:  When burning constantly,  we have suggested you use Kathite on the 2nd or 3rd night of a burn,  at a point when the fire is low and coal based,  just add two capfuls of Kathite to the fire.  Let it sit for minimum 2 hours (3 would be ideal) and then feel free to add more wood after the 2-3 hour break.  Repeat this process every 2-3 days depending on how clogged you feel the chimney is. 


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